Moodboard: Summer 2020

Top Row: William Gray material samples in Nashville; "Gregory, 1978" drawing by David Hockney; "Le Modular, 1962" collage by Le Corbusier; Bottom Row: Peter Hujar's "Blanket in the Famous Chair, 1983"; Atelier Brancusi, Paris; Ceramics by Jean Cocteau at Chateau de Montfort

Summer is typically a time for travel, adventure and exploration. Having spent most of the past six months at home with close friends and family, this summer offered the opportunity for our team to create within our home studio spaces, reflecting inward on our design process. Collected here are a mix of images that highlight work done in the studio - arrangement, sketching, collage, play.

Top Row: "Building at Dusk, 2016" colored pencil on paper by Ana Kraš; "Personaje Canalizado, 2009." woven by Marcela Diaz; still life by Casa Shop; Bottom Row: Library, 101 Spring Street, Judd Foundation, New York; William Gray Frame Vanity in Nashville; Georgia O'Keeffe's bone collection, Santa Fe

We have an affinity for art and photography that creates "presence" without the inclusion of human life. We play with this concept in our photography of William Gray products, using sculptures and images to add a human element. As we look forward to spreading our wings a bit wider this fall, but will commemorate this summer as one that offered a different kind of inspiration.